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Mission Prahar

Mission Prahar

Mission Prahar was founded by Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj in the year 1999 with his far reaching vision to educate, train in the areas of self discipline, self awareness and self defense, thereby, empower women across ...

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj

Master Shifuji has a wide range of influences. One of his greatest role models is Indian revolutionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji, sporting a moustache similar in style and often wearing clothing with his face printed on. Their nationalist views and ideas are what Master Shifuji abides by....

Self Defense Technique

Women’s safety and security in our country today is at stake, would anyone agree otherwise? Media highlights a few high profile victim cases or brutal attacks while majority of the abuse/ assault/ rape and violent attacks go unreported.

Self Defense Course


The very fact that this article, 5 reasons for women to take a self-defense course, has to be written speaks volumes about the collective female psyche of today. As a group, we continue to deny the need for our own self-protection...

Self Defence Technique

Shifuji's Boot Camp for kids is a 3 days funfilled residential camp for physical conditioning mental wellness, and group activities which results in increase in performance and overall enjoyment during the training.

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Shifuji's Mission Prahar Event An unarmed combat,self protection,servival tactics and self descipline training program june 25 and 26 June 2016

ना ये शान मांगती हैं ,ना ये दान मांगती हैं, ना अहंकार और न ही गुमान मांगती हैं, राष्ट्र की धरोहर हे लौटा दो इन्हें, ये बेटियां अपना सम्मान - स्वाभिमान मांगती हैं। इन बेटियों को ही जनना है भारत का भविष्य, न मानो इन्हें वस्तु श्राप की, अरे बुजदिलों- नज़र झुकाकर सम्मान करो इनका ना ये अधिकार है तुम्हारा ,न ये जागीर हे आपकी। ये बेटी है बहिन है हमारी, सम्पत्ति नहीं किसी के बाप की। कुछ लगाते है पाबन्दियाँ इन पर, और कहते हैं यही तो पहचान है मर्द जात की । लेकिन अगर ये अपनी ज़िद पर आ गयी, तो सही जगह खुसेड देंगी पूरी मर्दनिगी ये आपकी ।।।।।। बेटियों का या तो सम्मान करो या हो जाओ तैयार पिटने के लिए " शीफूजी'ज मिशन प्रहार "

- ग्रांडमास्टर शीफूजी शौर्य भारद्वाज

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