Shifujis Mission Prahar

Shifujis Mission Prahar


Mission Prahar was founded by Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj in the year 1999 with his far reaching vision to educate, train in the areas of self discipline, self awareness and self defense, thereby, empower women across our nation.

With this vision and an ambitious goal to train at least one crore women of Bharath, team Mission Prahar is marching ahead, having already trained more than thirty seven lakh women, covering mostly the rural parts of our Nation (where in, we account that every woman trained under mission prahar would in turn have trained or helped at least 2-3 other women).

Tools and Technology can AID OR HELP PREVENT but cannot prevent CRIMES BY THEMSELVES

Today, we talk about much hyped technology (devices, mobile app with SOS buttons, gadgets which blow sirens) to come to the aid and ensure women safety. Yes, in some cases they can aid but in situations where the attacker is aware of such device presence and disables or deprives the intended victim from using it in the first place, what's next?

Also, that "technology" is not affordable / available to all of the susceptible female population, across all sections of the society, significantly the marginalized, under privileged, economically weaker sections among the rural parts of our Nation!

Even if a rapid reaction force were to be put up in every nook and corner of our nation to track the victim and reach to her within minutes based on the device alerts (which is preposterous to think of! the sheer size, scale and economic feasibility of such physical force deployment), it's still a very difficult proposition and would prove vastly ineffective in preventing an intended crime, which most often are planned and perpetuated by social evils/ hardened criminals. Only self confidence, courage of the person under attack with an alert mind, able to quickly think and react to the situation, exercising self protection skills at the right moment, can thwart the evil plans of the attacker.

This is exactly what we want to achieve with Mission Prahar, build character, courage, level of confidence in the person we train, so, they can effectively handle any assaults/ violent attacks on their own, whether they are at home or alone and away from home and emerge out of any such situation safely! .




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